When you choose to visit any of Etna's properties, you can rest assured that you will experience impeccably maintained and well-managed accommodation. Listing your property with Etna's Southern Tip guarantees that your investment is in the hands of renowned and beloved rental agents boasting over 25 years of expertise in holiday rentals and bookings.

The roots of Etna's family in Arniston date back to 1921. Etna herself was born and raised in Arniston, where her grandmother and father, Koos and Johanna Spamer, were familiar figures to all holidaymakers. They were the proud owners of The Seaview Private Hotel/Boarding House. Adding to the family's prominence, Etna's mother and father, Oom Gideon and Tannie Rita, were the proprietors of the sole shop in Arniston.

In 1996, when Etna and Danie decided to embark on their retirement journey, they laid the foundation for Etna's Accommodation. Starting with just four self-catering houses from friends, they harbored a vision to make the tranquil ambiance, natural rock pools, incredible fishing, and delightful weather of Arniston/Waenhuiskrans accessible to everyone. This dream gained momentum as other homeowners in Arniston recognized the value of their investments, understanding that sharing the beauty of Arniston/Waenhuiskrans enhances its worth.

Today, the reins of the business are in the capable hands of Etna and Danie's daughters, Cornel and Danette. Moreover, the business is expanding its footprint to include other towns in the Overberg region. This growth reflects the enduring commitment of Etna's Accommodation to not only preserve but also extend the legacy of providing exceptional holiday experiences beyond the confines of Arniston/Waenhuiskrans.

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